Lunch #53: (Snack) Peanut Butter Celery

Celery with Peanut Butter Hard Boiled Eggs Mini Tomatoes with Ranch Dressing Advertisements

Lunch #52: Gyoza and Rice

Gyoza (from Trader Joes) Steamed Broccoli Rice Butter (in Piggy)

Lunch #51: (Snack) Cucumbers with Lime

Sliced Cucumbers Lime Wedges Seasoned Salt (I squeezed the lime juice on the cucumbers, then dipped in salt. Refreshing!)

Lunch #50: (Snack) Apples and Carrots

Carrots with Seasoned Salt Green Apple

Lunch #49: Raw Veggies and Dip

Sliced Cucumbers Yellow Bell peppers Carrots Celery Green Apple Ranch Dressing

Lunch #48: Turkey on a bed of Lettuce

Sliced Turkey Romaine Lettuce and Cilantro Dressing on the Side  

Lunch #47: Snack Bento (for my Husband)

Banana Split Pudding Cup Cheese Cubes and Crackers Hard Boiled Eggs Root beer Float Cookies Banana Nut Muffin

Lunch #46: Just went Shopping Bento

Salt and Vinegar Chicken Pickles Spears on Lettuce Hard Boiled Egg Root beer Float Cookies Banana Nut Muffin Forrest Berry Yogurt

Lunch #45: Chicken and Peas

Cubed Chicken Breast with Peas (butter in chicken) Butter Noodles with Parmesan (in piggy)

Lunch #44: Rice and Butter

Soy Sauce Halibut Rice Butter Lemon